About Us

K C R Rabindranath Tagore


There was a great demand and need for wooden toys during the early 1970s and this inspired us to start our journey of supplying wooden toys to the Govt of Tamil Nadu under the scheme introduced by Chief Minister, M.G.Ramachandran (Known as MGR). This is recognized by the Govt of Tamil Nadu, India and registered as a small scale cottage industry.

During the mid eighties, the demand for wooden toys started fading away and we moved in to sculpting exquisite wooden statues of the Gods. These were completely sculpted by hand and we started supplying them to reputed handicraft showrooms all over India.

During the end of the eighties, we started promoting these beautiful handmade wooden statues amongst elite customers across the globe. We also pioneered making customised pieces for them. Currently, we offer a wide range of wooden statues of different Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon and these can be selected based on individual likes and preferences. 

These are ideal for display as a showpiece in the house or workplace or to gift loved ones.  By the way, we also started to craft on customized wooden sculptures, Ganesha Sculptures, Wooden buddha statues, Antique Wooden Sculptures, Goddess Wooden Facemasks, Wooden wall panels and choosy on few Indian Sculptures

We believe that we can bring divinity in your home with a mesmerizing statue which is 100% sculpted by hand by Indian sculptors. The presence of such a statue in your home will help visitors appreciate and value Indian carving skills.It will also bring cheer, joy, divinity and a tranquil environment besides creating magical changes in your life. Buy Indian Sculpture and customized wooden sculptures online from Tagore Sculptures, India.

This is the belief of all religious communities in the world in general.